How We Ship

Live Native Plants: from Our Growers to Your Garden

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When you order for delivery with My Home Park, you will receive live plants that are around 6 months to a year old and native to your location in North America. We work closely with our partnered growers, who are experts in their trade: using integrative and organic practices to grow carefully selected species from locally collected seed. Rest assured, our growers will never use neonics, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals. Their efforts produce healthy plants, with well-established root systems, that are resilient and ready for installation immediately upon receipt.

Most of our kits ship as trays of 3.5”x 3.5” pots; some of our kits ship within 50-cell trays of 2” x 5” cells, or in trays of 2.38" x 5" tree bands. In every case, your plants will have been grown using integrative and organic practices, their root systems should be strong, and your plants should arrive safely.

See below for some examples.

32-Pot Trays

32-pot tray

50-Cell Trays

50-cell tray

49-Pot Trays (Bay Area only)

49-tree band tray

What You Receive When You Order

1) Your box(es) of live plants, ready for installation

2) A welcome insert that will help you get started

Emailed separately: A planting guide map to layout and install your plants with ease


In an effort to ensure that your plants arrive ready to thrive, our growers only ship during times of year when conditions are safe.

In general, our "Active Shipping Window" is open from mid-May to late October. We still accept Pre-Orders while conditions are not yet safe for shipping. Placing a Pre-Order reserves your plant material ahead of the next active season, and queues you up for shipment and delivery. Typically, pre-orders are also offered at a more favorable price point to encourage early reservation of material, which helps our growers organize their efforts.

If you are considering a pre-order, rest assured: we will send and update and share a tracking code when your plants are ready to ship!

Active Shipping Window Orders


Our Active Shipping Window is typically from around Mid-May to late October of any given year, when temperatures and weather patterns are warm and predictable enough to reliably and safely ship plants. During this time, we will make every effort to have your plants shipped within two weeks of your order date.

Occasionally, extreme heat may delay shipping to ensure plants arrive safe.

Very Large Orders


Orders of several hundred plants or more may require additional coordination and direct delivery by flatbed truck as a palletized set. In all cases we will be available to help coordinate delivery of these orders.

Map of Current Shipping Availability

For more information, check out our FAQ page.