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Native Plant Gardens for Massachusetts
Welcome to Massachusetts! We are thrilled to offer 39 native plant gardens that are all ecologically appropriate for Massachusetts. These diverse gardens should thrive with little maintenance while directly supporting the butterflies, bees, and other beneficial wildlife that share your yard.

The Power of the Native Plant Garden

So many native plant species, from the awesome milkweeds (Asclepias) and goldenrods (Solidago),
to coneflowers (Rudbeckia) and more, each offer so much to our native pollinators and other wildlife.
At My Home Park, we believe that yard beauty and habitat health come through biodiversity:
Stronger Together

Plants often want to grow together in nature. Each plant performs a set of unique jobs, collectively helping to retain moisture, insulate the soil, cycle nutrients, and sequester carbon. Our gardens bring the power of this diversity to your yard!

Better for Nature

You can think of your yard like a grocery store for pollinators, birds, and other beneficial wildlife. By adding multiple species of native plants, you’re essentially adding aisles of food and hours of operation to their menu!

Better for You

Our native plant gardens are conceived with an eye towards ecological support, but we have designed them to ensure that all of your plants establish themselves in a way that is as visually appealing to your neighbors as it will be for the bees and butterflies.