Your Pollinator-Friendly Yard

Your Pollinator-Friendly Yard

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Keerthi & David


June 24, 2022

Bee on Purple Flower

We often consider our yards as areas that amp up the overall curb appeal of our homes. What if we could also envision them as utilitarian spaces which can support local biodiversity and the environment at large? As a homeowner, nothing gives us more of an opportunity to impact the future than the fact that our landscaping choices can restore lost habitats for a variety of creatures whose complex relationships drive the health of our planet and improve the quality of human lives. At the heart of this landscaping design are native plants.

Native plants which are local to our regions are crucial in bringing back creatures like beetles, bugs, butterflies, bats and thousands of bee species that pollinate about 80% of our food crops. By prioritizing them over lawns or exotic plants, we can fill our yards with these friendly and useful species that re-establish our connections with nature.

As a community, if all homeowners pledge to restore native plants to their yards, it is possible to connect these fragmented spaces and create pollinator byways. A pollinator byway is a landscape design that involves planting a long stretch of multiple varieties of native flowering plants of diverse color palates that can appeal to a wide range of pollinators.  In short:

Diverse flowering plants in Neighborhoods -> Resilient Pollinator Byways -> Sustainable Landscapes

My Home Park understands the complex partnerships between native plants, insects and the planet. We aim to help you make the right landscaping choices that look good and serve ecological functions as well. Here are some of the ways in which MHP can support your goals of creating pollinator-friendly gardens in your yards along with restoring lost habitats in your communities.

My Home Park Native Plant Combo on House

Where To Start With Native Plants

  1. Your Online Native Plant Nursery: MHP is an online native plant nursery that offers a wide selection of native plant packages that display a diversity of color, shape, height, and ability to support local wildlife. Each package comes in a group of 4-8 plugs of different native plants that are easy to grow with minimal care and effort. In addition, we encourage community collaboration by offering specially curated packages for your neighborhood at attractive prices.

  2. Sustainably-Grown Plants: Most nurseries spray their plants with herbicides and nasty chemicals that eventually ruin the soil and even kill insects. All our MHP partners believe in a no-chemical mantra and supply certified organic plugs that are healthy for insects and the planet.

  3. Diverse Pollinator-Friendly Plant Communities: Not all flowering plants support all the insects around us! In fact, a single insect species can demand different food resources based on its stage in the life cycle and its role. For instance, at certain stages bees need protein to grow, at other stages they need carbohydrates to get energy for foraging nectar. 

    This means a single plant species cannot support the complex and diverse needs of insects. The best way to support more pollinators is with diverse pollinator plant communities. Co-founder Dr. Wyatt Shell has designed each Plant Combo to not only appeal to the eye, but also to a wide variety of pollinators. The information of plants and their pollinator partners is listed on each Combo, showing what wildlife you can expect to visit.

  4. Flowers In Bloom Throughout the Seasons: MHP ensures that your garden is bustling with pollinators throughout the growing seasons by choosing plants that bloom in different times. Each package you select contains a bunch of plants that will flower during particular weeks, only to be replaced by other flowers in the next. This way, your garden always looks bright with pops of color and insects happily foraging for nectar and pollen.