Why does My Home Park prefer selling plugs over seeds?

Why does My Home Park prefer selling plugs over seeds?

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Keerthi & David


June 27, 2023

Agrecol tray

At My Home Park, we receive many questions from our customers regarding the shipment process for our native plant collections - the biggest question is whether we ship seed packets or plug plants? Well, we are proud to say that we prefer to ship all of our plants as plugs, and there are several reasons for this.

Plug from My Home Park

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are small, young plants with well-established root systems that are grown in individual cells or trays. These plants are typically grown in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse until they are large and healthy enough to be transplanted into larger containers or sold commercially.

What are the main advantages of plugs?

Here are some of the reasons why planting plugs over seeds is always a good idea:

Reduced Growing Time: With plugs, you're getting plants that are already established and have undergone all the initial stages of development. So, you don't have to worry about germinating or nurturing seeds because growers would have already taken care of all these processes in the greenhouses.

Uniform Growth: When you plant plugs, you can expect uniform growth because all the plugs in a tray are of the same age and grown under the same conditions. This can result in better uniformity in terms of overall growth and appearance, which can be a great advantage for homeowners who want a tidy-looking and aesthetically pleasing native plant garden.

Better Success Rate: One of the major benefits of using plugs is the better success rate of your garden, when compared to starting from seeds. Seeds can be quite tricky to germinate and require a lot of attention, while plugs are ready to 'plug and play'. The strong root system of plugs allows them to be more adaptable to a new environment. They can be planted directly into the soil without any risk of transplant shock. Once established, they will quickly spread in your garden and grow well, which can be quite encouraging for gardeners.

Improved Soil Health: Another major advantage of planting plugs is that it provides the benefit of improving the overall health of your garden soil. With their strong root systems, plugs can help break up compacted soil, improve soil structure, and increase soil aeration. This allows for better water and nutrient absorption, which can ultimately lead to healthier plant growth.

Best practices followed by My Home Park while shipping plugs

kit being shipped

  • At My Home Park, we carefully source our plug plants from reputable native plant growers who share our commitment to organic and sustainable gardening practices.

  • To ensure optimal growth and survival, we only ship plug plants that are at least 6 months to 1 year old, with a well-established root system.

  • Depending on the grower, our plug plants will be shipped in trays of 3.5”x 3.5” pots or within 50-cell trays of 2” x 5” cells and packed in reinforced cardboard boxes for safe delivery, minimizing any damage during transit.

shipping plug plants, cardboard boxes

Final words

My Home Park is committed to making gardening an enjoyable experience for our customers, especially those with limited time or gardening skills. By choosing to ship our collections in the form of plug plants, we are helping many enthusiastic gardeners create successful native plant gardens without having to go through too much hassle. We also assure you that our plug plants come from the best sources. And therefore, they are more likely to thrive well in your garden and contribute to a healthier planet!

Our main focus at My Home Park is to make your gardening journey as enjoyable and easy, as possible. We know that time is a biggest concern for many of our customers. By choosing to ship our native plant collections in the form of plugs, we are helping a lot of enthusiastic gardeners create a successful garden without the hassle of seeds.