Native Plants vs. Lawns

Native Plants vs. Lawns

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Keerthi & David


June 24, 2022

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The idea of an American landscape brings to our mind the images of closely shaved turf grass on the exteriors of a home. Unfortunately, these so-called“traditional”landscaping choices are increasingly proving to be expensive­ — in terms of money, health and environment. An average American household spends about $100 to $200 per month for lawn care activities like mowing, chemicals, water etc. Not to forget about the immediate environmental hazards like soil and water pollution as well as health hazards like cancers and threats to local biodiversity.

Although the US has devoted more than 40 million acres (and counting) to these green carpets, experts are calling for a reimagination of this design. By shifting to sustainable landscaping alternatives like regional native plants, you can still stay ahead in the market and probably get a more lucrative deal than you did with lawns.

What Are Native Plants?

Native Plants are those that have evolved in a particular region for thousands of years without human intervention. They have established relationships with native wildlife, including insects, birds and animals. Native plants adapt well to the natural climatic and soil conditions of a region. They also require less water (due to deep root systems), fewer fertilizers and pesticides to thrive well. 

Why Native Plants Over Lawns

Key benefits of Choosing Native Plants for yard landscaping include:

  1. Native plants increase in value over time as  they fill in and become more lush

  2. Once established, native plants require almost no care and can thrive without human dependency

  3. Most native plant species are weather-resistant and can survive with less water, fertilizers and maintenance

  4. Native plants eliminate regular activities like mowing and fertilizers, saving a great deal of money annually

  5. Add color and beauty to your garden, instantly attracting onlookers and prospective home buyers

Wildflowers as Alternative to Lawn

Where To Start With Native Plants

While native plants do require less maintenance, you cannot just bring in a bunch of native plants, grow them at random places and expect them to work. Instead of buying  the  wood for  the frame, the  cushion and  the springs for  a sofa,  just buy the finished sofa.  My Home Park has developed a science around Plant Combos.  Plant  Combos are combinations of native plants designed to enhance each other and keep a controlled look and shape.  Browse pre-designed Combos by clicking here.

The best part about having a natural landscape like a native plant garden is that it invites a lot of local birds, insects and other pollinators to your yard. Along with taking pride in your role as a steward of these beautiful creatures, you and your family can have a great time watching them live in action.