Native Plants Increase Home Value

Native Plants Increase Home Value

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Keerthi & David


June 24, 2022

Front Yard with Wildflowers

No matter how beautiful and sophisticated the interior of your home is, it is the curb appeal that seals the deal for you with potential buyers. The exteriors of your home, particularly your yard landscaping choices, speak a lot about you as a homeowner and a neighbor. Apart from creating killer first impressions, landscaping can positively influence the economic, health and environmental value of your property.  Here are the top three reasons why investing in landscaping can prove advantageous, both financially and ecologically.


Landscaping: Proven Increase In Home Value

According to a study conducted by the University of Vermont, homes with good landscaping can attract up to 14% increase in resale value and a reduced sale time of up to 6 weeks. Similar studies also show that an investment of 5% in home landscaping can bring in a whopping 150% ROI in resale.  Additionally, a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals indicated that 84% of Americans agree that quality home landscaping is a determining factor for buying a home. 

This data shows that well-maintained yard landscaping translates into increased home value and salability in the market. 


Native Plants Have Even More Value

The word ‘landscape’ is usually associated with turf lawns, as we have been culturally imbibed to think so. However, having lawn-filled yards can only increase your usage of toxic chemicals, fossil fuels, water and other precious natural resources. They are also sterile spaces that offer zero support to the local biodiversity.

On the other hand, choosing a landscape filled with native plants offer plenty of advantages to you and the environment. For example, plants with deep-rooted systems like native species can prevent soil erosion, reduce flooding and surface water run-off, which pollutes our water bodies. By choosing healthy, disease-resistant plant varieties, you can also reduce the amount of chemicals and fertilizers in your yard. Since these plants require no major maintenance and regular mowing, your monthly savings are likely to go up!

The best part about having a natural landscape like a native plant garden is that it invites a lot of local birds, insects and other pollinators to your yard. Along with taking pride in your role as a steward of these beautiful creatures, you and your family can have a great time watching them live in action.

Native Plants are those that have evolved in a particular region for thousands of years without human intervention. They have established relationships with native wildlife, including insects, birds and animals. Native plants adapt well to the natural climatic and soil conditions of a region. They also require less water (due to deep root systems), fewer fertilizers and pesticides to thrive well. 

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Vitamin N & Health Benefits of Gardening

You cannot always measure the ROI of home landscaping in terms of dollar savings alone! The physical and mental well-being of the residents is as important as the real estate value of the property. Along with looking great, an ideal home landscape should offer peace and solace from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and provide a natural retreat. Richard Louv, the recipient of the Audubon Medal and the author of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” explains this aspect through a concept called “Vitamin N” or Vitamin Nature.

He opines that children and adults need more exposure to nature to enjoy many benefits – physically, emotionally and spiritually. By bringing more native landscaping to your backyards, you can re-establish your connections with the natural world.  Since nature has powerful healing abilities, interacting with your native garden will improve the chances of living a higher-quality life. 


Where To Start

Native Plants are low-maintenance and inexpensive to maintain - if they are selected and arranged with the principles of nature as a guide.  My Home Park has developed principles of design and plant combinations to maximize the benefits of planting a native plant garden.  Start by entering your zip code and browsing the many combinations.  Select based on the look and conditions.  Your plants will ship to your door along with planting instructions.  Sign up for maintenance reminders to keep your yard looking great, restoring habitats for pollinators and inspiring you. 

We are here to help you! Please email or call us to know complete details about our native plant packages and their incredible benefits to your health, your property value and the environment.