Native Plant Usage in Commercial & Corporate Landscape Designs

Native Plant Usage in Commercial & Corporate Landscape Designs

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Keerthi & David


February 13, 2023

Designing commercial landscapes with native plants, can offer more value to companies over conventional lawns. In this article, you will discover how two major tech-giants are leading by example, by opting to use native plants in their landscaping practices.

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Growing Trend in Incorporating Sustainability

In recent times, there has been a growing trend in organizations embracing sustainability as a way to stay ahead in today's business world. Companies are putting significant efforts to follow the "go green" mantra by prioritizing environmental concerns in their decision making. Wider marketing campaigns and outreach efforts are increasingly revolving around reducing their carbon footprint and making a positive difference to the planet.

For example, companies are putting forth numerous efforts to enhance the sustainability of their buildings. But, a direct expression of a brand's belief systems and values can also be found in its landscaping. A property that prioritizes overt aesthetics over anything else can fail to accurately represent a company's goals - creating a sustainable business. To counter this, more companies have been willing to work closely with landscape professionals to turn their campuses into green spaces can be sustainable and environmentally responsible.


What better way to create a beautiful and sustainable commercial landscape than with native plants?

Native vegetation provides ample opportunities to address escalating environmental concerns and transform large office spaces into ecological-rich zones.

Many businesses are realizing that it is possible to create picture-perfect commercial properties and office campuses with native landscaping designs that combine decorative features with environmental benefits.

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Benefits of Using Native Plants in Commercial Landscaping

Designing commercial properties with native plants offers wonderful benefits to the humans and local wildlife which share the space. Here are some benefits: 

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1. Create Beautiful Landscapes with Minimal Resources and Money

Companies invest billions of dollars each year in landscape maintenance as conventional lawns and exotic plants demand high care. This investment can be lessened by swapping at least a few square feet of lawn with native plants and trees.

Native plants are considered to be low maintenance because:

  • They can naturally adapt themselves to the water, soil and weather conditions of the local region

  • They are non-fussy and disease resistant.

Along with elevating the visual appeal of the business property, native plants can help companies in increasing their profitability by ultimately lowering landscape maintenance costs.

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2. Support Environmental Restoration Goals

Restoring damaged ecosystems is possible with a commercial landscape design that emphasizes the use of native plants. Native species mimic local wilderness and create new homes to re-establish a whole new population of flora and fauna. By slowly replacing turfs with natural zones, companies can rebuild the former landscapes which were destroyed by prior human activities.

Therefore, employees and other visitors will not only get to enjoy an eye catching landscape property, but will also be able to witness bees, butterflies and other critical pollinators for the environment.

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3. Create Healthy and Happy Workplaces

Studies show that people who regularly spend time in natural environments enjoy a host of physical and psychological benefits. Native landscapes recreate a forest-like ambience for employees which can significantly lower their stress levels, increase job satisfaction and improve productivity. Employees may even share their positive experiences and enhance the employer brand of the company.


4.Improve Brand Image and Reputation

By incorporating native plants in commercial landscape designs, companies can demonstrate their commitment to long-term sustainability. Native landscapes brimming with plant life and local wildlife provides an appealing eco-friendly environment and showcase to a variety of stakeholders (customers, employees, investors, etc) that companies are taking a thorough and thoughtful approach to sustainability.


Examples of Companies Using Native Landscape Designs

From big corporations to local startups, companies are using native landscaping as an opportunity to transform commercial spaces into attractive and biodiverse-friendly habitats.

Here are two examples of how two global tech giants are trying to bring back regional landscapes with innovative native landscaping ideas that help the environment and boost brand reputation:

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Amazon HQ2 Campus, Arlington, Virginia

The e-commerce giant Amazon, is building its Arlington campus with sustainability as a key design theme. Amazon plans to install more than 100 native species and 500 trees and shrubs in the campus to conserve water, save time and most importantly, bring back the local wildlife. By surrounding its commercial buildings and concrete structures with native plants, Amazon plans to cut down the heating and cooling costs of its buildings and maximize its energy savings. The company is focusing on expanding its green space with natives to create a beautiful outdoor space that benefits its employees and the local community.


Google Campus, Mountainview, California

"Bring natives back" seems to be the central theme of the landscaping approach at Google's Mountainview campus. The company started the Google Ecology Program to create pollinator corridors and expand wildlife habitats on its huge campus. The program involved selecting a wide range of native plants, trees and wildflowers in its landscape design to attract pollinators which lost their habitats during the development of the office space. The project also plans to expand its work by creating resilient and sustainable landscapes across Silicon Valley.

A native plant-based landscape design offers companies an opportunity to act on their environmental responsibility and subsequently, boost brand image and establish positive relationships with various stakeholders (employees, customers, and more).

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